Rolling Bones Outfitters is pleased to announce the opening of the Rolling Bones Shooting Courses with instructor Chip Beaman who is one of the country’s top marksman trainers. Our mission is to provide you with the tools, training and motivation to dramatically improve your marksmanship. For some this will help them to get the most out of their participation in safe shooting sports. For hunters, it will dramatically improve your ability to make an accurate and humane extending range shot in the field. And that means a successful hunt and an excellent hunting adventure.

Our Shooting Courses will feature two separate classes in an indoor and outdoor setting. The outdoor course will be in the field at an extended range shooting facility. Here you will learn proper firearm safety techniques, ballistics, MOA, and how to compensate for the variables of temperature, terrain and wind.

The indoor segment will involve improving your skills and accuracy with pistol, AR, and bullet gun configurations using the L.A.S.R. laser shooting system.

Rolling Bones Outfitters Shooting Course I

Extended Range Rifle

Price: $1,500.00

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Upcoming Dates:

  • December 1-3: St George, UT

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Participants will be required to provide their own transportation to shooting schools.

The class instructor is Chip Beaman, one of the country’s top marksman trainers. You will not be disappointed. This is hands-on training
in a real world setting with live fire ammo.


  • Rolling Bones Extended Range Shooting Course Manual
  • Rolling Bones Range Journal
  • Rolling Bones Scoring Tape
  • Rolling Bones Window Decal
  • Cheek Piece with Utility Pouch
  • Rolling Bones Membership, Rifle and Hunt Brochures
  • 2 Days at the Range with a Private Instructor

Coming Soon: Indoor Training Class with Laser Video Shoot

It is an indoor Shooting Courses training class using the latest technology from the L.A.S.R. program. If you’ve never used this laser system before, you will instantly see the benefits of how it will markedly improve your shooting skills. The indoor course will focus on pistol shooting, use of the AR-15 and bullet-gun platforms. Once again we will have Chip Beaman as the class instructor who is one of the country’s top marksman trainers. This certified instruction is made for shooting sports enthusiasts, hunters, or anyone interested in learning firearm safety and technique for protection, hunting or recreation.